Do you know anyone who has been away from the Church?

Posted on October 03, 2022 in: General News

Do you know anyone who has been away from the Church?

The Start Date of Our Catholics Returning Home Program is Quickly Approaching!

Our Parish is sponsoring a six-week program starting on October 10th at 7 pm in the St. Bernard Parish Hall that is open to all Catholics who have been away from the Church and have thought about coming back.  It is a welcoming and non-judgmental series designed to reintroduce our Faith for those who have been away, no matter what the reason and no matter how long. The sessions are conducted in a support group format with participants having the flexibility to attend as many or as few sessions as they wish.

Please consider sharing this program with at least one person and let the Holy Spirit within that person’s heart take it from there.  There is no need to convince anyone to sign up or participate.  Our request is only for you to share that we are offering the program.  It can easily be shared with a tri-fold brochure (in the back of the Church) or from our parish website via a text message or email - click here to go to our website.

For more information, please email: evangelization@cath-comm.org or call 860-875-0753 x122.

Catholics Returning Home Topics by Week
Oct 10th Welcome: Why am I here?
Oct 17th Sharing Stories of Faith
Oct 24th The Church Today
Nov 7th The True Meaning of Mass
Nov 14th Reconciliation & Forgiveness
Nov 21st The Creed: What We Believe

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