Prison Ministry


Prison Ministry

Our Parish Prison Ministry Mission is to proclaim the Gospel and share our Catholic faith with our brothers and sisters in the state of CT correctional facilities.  We help the inmates grow in their faith, self-image, and self-esteem while they build a sense of commitment to living a Christian life within their institutional communities.

Presently, we are serving in three prisons: two for the men at Cybulski Correctional Center, in Somers, CT, and Carl Robinson Correctional Center in Enfield, CT, and for the women at York Correctional Center, in Niantic, CT.  

Our evangelizing efforts include bible study, catechetical studies, and retreats.  Because these are State Correctional facilities, each volunteer is required to apply which permits the Dept. of Corrections to do background checks on us. We coordinate our efforts with those of the State Dept. of Corrections, and chaplaincy offices at each of the prisons.  We work under the Catholic chaplains assigned to those facilities.

Through our ministry, we have witnessed many miracles and heard many testimonies from the men and women in prison about the differences their Catholic faith and relationship with Christ has made in their lives and how it has helped them find new meaning and purpose in their lives. 

Meeting Schedule/Frequency: Weekly visitation teams go to the three prisons. 

Meetings at Carl Robinson are on Tuesday afternoons from 1pm -2:30pm;
Meetings at Cybulski Correctional Center are on Thursday evenings from, 6:00pm to 7:30pm and
Meetings at York Correctional Center are on Thursday evening from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM.

Contact Persons:
Gina Raymond For York Correctional Center Programs 860-614-8277 or
Deacon Ron Freedman for programs at Cybulski or Carl Robinson 860-872-0200 X  310