Blessed Sacrament Parish Public Celebration of Weekend Masses

Posted on July 02, 2020 in: General News

Blessed Sacrament Parish Public Celebration of Weekend Masses

Due to safety protocols, the maximum number of people at any one of our Masses is limited to 100. To ensure we follow this guideline, our parish has instituted an online reservation program for weekend Masses where you can reserve a seat for yourself and family members from the same household. It’s a very simple form on our website that can be completed quickly.  If you don’t have a computer, you can call our office and they will reserve a seat for you.  Once a Mass hits its capacity – it will be closed to any further reservations.  We have a total of seven weekend Masses, so we don’t anticipate a problem.  Also, since the Sunday obligation continues to be lifted, you can choose to attend a weekday Mass. 

Prior to coming to one of our Masses, please take a moment to watch our welcome back video (on our home page) that will explain the new safety procedures we have set in place.  Please note a face mask covering your nose and mouth is required at every Mass.

People who are immune compromised, elderly or are concerned about gathering with people in large numbers – please watch our livestreamed Masses from the safety of your home. 

Our livestream Masses schedule is: 

Sunday 10AM / Monday 8AM / Tuesday 9AM / Wednesday 8AM / Thursday 9AM / Friday 8AM / Saturday 5PM (starting July 4th)


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