Parish Leadership

Parish Leadership

Debbie Secundo, Brenda Falusi, Karen Daigle, Jim Marie, Brian Kenny, Deacon Ron Freedman, Brenda Copithorne, Gina Raymond, Joe King, Fr. Rick, Becky Maresh, Mary Conway, Matt O'Brien, Joan Mathiau, Rich Laria, Deacon Mike Berstene, Mike O'Keefe.
Missing - Mike Duguay, Fr. Ellis

Blessed Sacrament Pastoral Council

The Council prayerfully serves to support, advise, assist, and consult with the Pastor in Building up the Body of Christ.

The Pastoral Council welcomes your comments and input.

Finance Council

2019-2020 Fiscal Year Blessed Sacrament Parish Financial Report

Every Catholic Parish is required by Canon Law to have a finance council.  The St. Bernard Finance Council assists the Pastor in the preparation of annual budgets, recommends major expenditures, monitors the parish finances, prepares financial reports and generally looks after the financial well-being of the parish.   Our parish also has a cemetery and the Finance Council is responsible for its operating budget and maintenance of the cemetery’s Perpetual Care Fund. 

For additional information contact:
Scott Nai