St. Matthew Preschool

St. Matthew Preschool opening will

be delayed until Fall, 2021



Quality Preschool serving the Tolland area since 2008!

Our Program

We are an accredited Music Together Preschool and both the three year old class and the four year old class will have a 30 minute structured music class once a week by a certified Music Together teacher. During this time the children will sing songs, dance and play musical instruments.  The children will receive two music cd’s and a songbook containing all of the songs (with words and music) they will be singing in class.  You can find out more about the popular Music Together program at their website

St. Matthew Preschool follows the Connecticut State Preschool Curriculum Framework.

Our early childhood educators minister to the whole child – mind, heart and hands. In a trusting Catholic environment, children grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. By fostering creativity and excitement about learning and by facilitating a stimulating environment, the child's innate desire to learn is awakened. Early childhood educators understand each child's uniqueness in personality and learning styles, and strive to create for the early learner opportunities to discover, explore, question, and succeed, thus providing the proper environment that enables the child freedom of choice. Above all, our program nurtures the child's spiritual relationship with God and caring attitude for others. (Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechisis, Archdiocese of Hartford)

Registration Information

The program for the three year olds will run from 8:45am–11:45am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the cost is $1,500.

The program for the four year olds will run from 8:45am–11:45am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and the cost is $2,250

Parent Testimonials

"My son attended St Matthew’s preschool for 2 years and I found it to be outstanding. He was in a loving environment with teachers I trusted immensely, who provided love and care as well as an excellent education that prepared him fully for full day kindergarten. The classroom is always very clean and the outside play area is both fun and well maintained. The teachers fostered a family friendly environment and I have maintained relationships with the teachers and many parents which I am grateful for. My son had a wonderful experience and still has best friends from his class. I could not praise this program enough."
- Jennifer Gallichant

"We had all three of our children at St Matthew Preschool and all three loved it. Our youngest just graduated and is still sad she’s not going back. Every year they put on a wonderful Christmas play, the sweetest Mother’s day tea, and the graduation is beautifully done – complete with a slideshow of the children’s experience at school. We are so glad we chose St Matthew preschool and are very happy with our experience."
- Cecilia Klember

"My daughter just completed her 2nd year at St. Matthew’s Preschool. From the first day the teachers made her feel comfortable and excited to be there. The arts, crafts, activities and events were all outstanding. She especially enjoyed the Music Together program. Our daughter and family looked forward to all of the special celebrations such as Christmas, Thanksgiving feast, family music nights, Mother’s Day tea, and the many fun filled field trips throughout the year. Both our daughter and family made some wonderful friends. We feel she is more than ready to enter kindergarten and we owe this to the excellent teachers at this school."
- Julie Socha

"My son loved preschool at St. Matthew’s. The teachers are wonderful, and the program got him ready for Kindergarten. As a home daycare provider, I’ve seen many preschool programs and St. Matthews is the best. They are always very accommodating when it comes to field trips and special programs. My daycare children will be attending this school for years to come! Thanks for a great job caring for and teaching our children."
- Kristyn Leary