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Heavenly father, we are your humble servants,
we come before you today in need of hope.
We need hope for a calm and joyful future.
We need hope for love and kindness.
We pray for peace and safety.
Some say that the sky is at its
darkest just before the light.
We pray that this is true, for today seems stormy and dim.
We need your light, Lord, in every way.
We pray to be filled with your light.
Help us to walk in your light, and live
our lives in faith and service.
In your name we pray, Amen.


Grades K-6 Religious Education
St. Matthew Campus

Our plan for the 2020-21 Faith Formation year will offer remote learning (Zoom classes) or home study with monthly or bi-monthly in-person special classes (or live-streamed or recorded special classes if in-person classes are restricted).  

Our hope would be that we would offer this program for the months of October, November & December and then, if possible, have “normal” classes begin at St. Matthew in February. If that isn’t possible, then we will continue with remote learning and monthly/bi-monthly special classes.

We will be using Pflaum Gospel Weeklies.  Each lesson is based on the Sunday Gospels.  The lessons connect the Gospel to the children’s lives and to the doctrine that springs from the Gospel message.  The Gospel Weeklies magazines come in print as well as digital.  It is a very family friendly program and allows for parents with multi-grade level children to teach the whole family together. 

If you are called to share your faith with the children here at St. Matthew as a religious education teacher or teacher's aide, we have put up a 2020-21 Teacher and Aide sign-up form on the Formation page.  We would love to have you join us!

Wishing you hope, peace, health and happiness. 

God Bless, 



Click here for more information on Safe Environments for Children

Before enrolling your child in Religious Education, you must register at Blessed Sacrament Parish.


First Reconciliation

Children in Grade 2, who have completed a Grade 1 religious education curriculum, are invited to participate in a program that prepares them to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

First Eucharist

Children in Grade 3, who have completed Grades 1 and 2 religious education curriculum and who have received their First Reconciliation, are invited to participate in a program that prepares them to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist.

Prayers & Guidelines of Our Catholic Faith

A link to Prayers & Guidelines of Our Catholic Faith and prayer requirements for Grades 1-6 can be found below.  The required prayers, and guidelines are listed for each grade level. 

Prayers & Guidelines of Our Catholic Faith

Prayer Certificate Request Form